Why did we change our website design?

Why did we change our website design?

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Good Evening,

As some of you may be wondering, we made some changes to our website to make navigation easier for our guests. We received feedback from multiple guests informing us that our site was difficult to navigate or that they found it difficult to look for particular items without getting lost.

The main update was to our home page. We wanted to make navigation a priority as that seemed to cause our guests the most issues. We had made our collections more visible so you, our guests, can easily locate the specific items you want.

We created more collections to enhance the ability to find coffee or the products you might enjoy. You might see that we added collections for Organic coffee, Dark Roast, Medium Roast, and Light Roast coffees. These collections were created with the goal of making it easy for our guests to find the specific coffee products they desire. We also added collections for tea that we did not have prior to the update.

We value and take to heart the feedback we receive from our guests. We encourage you to send us suggestions and comments you have. We take everything into consideration when evaluating how to update our site.


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