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About us and our Deals

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and that the store has met all your standards and expectations. For the next few weeks we will be working to adjust our prices on our brand Primordial to make it even more affordable. Being a premium coffee that's roasted then immediately shipped out, its a tall order. The beans are all sourced ethically, single origin, and they are also organic. Regardless we know that they are pricy for now, that being said, we are doing our best to brainstorm ways to reduce cost.
For now we hope you all join our rewards program. Its easy and a great way to get discounts on items or shipping!
Rewards include $2 off on an order, a free sample of Primordial, free shipping, and more.
It's free and easy to join the rewards program.
We are doing out best to provide you, our guest, with as many discounts as we can afford to give.
If you have any suggestions or concerns feel free to reach out at connect@everythingcoffeeshop.com.
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